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About the eBook

At LearnAkan.Com, we understand that the aim of most learners of Twi is to attain optimal communicative competence in the shortest possible time. This is why we have put together this rather exhaustive conversation guide to help all learners achieve this aim.

LearnAkan Conversational Twi Guide is intended for use by beginner, intermediate and advanced Twi learners alike. It features phrases and sentences used in various natural conversation settings. Scroll down for more details/table of contents.


  • Format: PDF/MP3/Paperback
  • PDF Dimension: 6″ x 9″
  • Number of Pages: 196
  • Number of MP3 Audio Files: 79
  • Number of Sections: 78
  • Grammar Pointers
  • Pronunciation Notes
  • Vocabulary Usage Notes
  • Sentence Usage Notes


LearnAkan Conversational Twi Guide can be purchased at the following price points:

  • $8 (for the eBook)
  • $8 (for 79 MP3 audio files)
  • $15 (for the eBook and 79 MP3 files)
  • $18 (for the paper copy and 79 MP3 Files on Amazon)

Scroll down to see the table of contents.


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Table of Contents

  • Talking About Yourself I
  • Talking About Yourself II
  • Talking About Your Family
  • Talking About Your Hobby
  • Welcoming Guests
  • How To Greet And Exchange Pleasantries
  • How To Respond To Greetings
  • Wishes And Seasonal Greetings
  • How To Bid Farewell; Say Goodbye
  • How To Thank Someone/People
  • How To Respond To A ‘Thank You’
  • How To Apologise
  • How To Respond To Apologies
  • How To Show Regret
  • How To Introduce Yourself
  • How To Introduce Others
  • Expressions For Making Friends
  • How To Show Interest
  • How To Start A Conversation
  • How To End A Conversation
  • How To Express Yourself On Phone
  • How To Ask For Information
  • How To Say ‘I Don’t Know’
  • How To Give And Solicit Opinions
  • How To Indicate You Don’t Have An Opinion
  • How To Check For Agreement
  • How To Express Agreement
  • How To Express Disagreement
  • How To Respond To Good News
  • How To Respond To Bad News
  • How To Invite
  • How To Make/Respond To An Offer
  • How To Talk About Likes And Dislikes
  • How To Ask For Directions
  • How To Give Directions
  • At The Hospital
  • How To Make Suggestions
  • How To Ask About Professions
  • How To Describe Romantic Relationships
  • How To Talk About Love And Romance
  • How To Seek Clarification
  • How To Ask If You Are Being Understood
  • How To Ask For Help
  • How To Interrupt In A Conversation
  • How To Encourage Someone
  • How To Complain
  • Expressions For Remembering, Reminding And Forgetting
  • How To Express Difficulty/Easiness
  • How To Talk About Age
  • Buying And Selling Expressions
  • How To Talk About Food/Eating
  • How To Talk About Movies/TV
  • How To Talk About Price; Bargain
  • How To Talk About The Weather
  • How To Express Tiredness
  • How To Make Promises/Resolutions
  • How To Make Excuses For Being Late
  • How To Say Someone Is Right
  • How To Say Someone Is Wrong
  • How To Say Someone Is Smart
  • How To Say Someone Is Stupid
  • How To Avoid Responding To Questions/Statements
  • How To Talk About Someone Being Poor/Rich
  • How To Ask Someone To Wait
  • How To Express Guesses
  • Expressions For Decision-Making
  • Expressions For Good/Bad Luck
  • How To Express Worry And Relief
  • How To Talk About The Future
  • How To Give Compliments
  • How To Express Certainty And Probability
  • How To Show Interest And Disinterest
  • How To Cheer Someone Up
  • How To Express Disbelief
  • Expressions For People With Bad Behaviour
  • How To Describe How A Speech Is Made
  • How To Describe Facial Expressions
  • Expressions Used At The Bar
  • How To Make Comparisons

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