Bɔ Mmɔden vs. Sɔ Hwɛ

“Bɔ mmɔden” and “sɔ hwɛ” are both phrasal verbs that mean “to try”, but they aren’t the same, and you cannot use them interchangeably. If

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English Translation of “anim”

anim noun

  1. face BODY PART
  • merekɔhohoro m’anim | I’m going to wash my face
  • nsaa agu Sereboɔ anim | there’s rashes on Serebour’s face
  • Akosua anim yɛ fɛ | Akosua has a beautiful face
  • Akwasi de ntoma kataa Yaa anim | Akwasi covered Yaa’s face with a piece of cloth
  • w’anim nyɛ me fɛ | your face doesn’t look good to me
  • yareɛ no ama Amakye anim ayɛ hoyaa | the sickness has caused Amakye’s face to go pale
  1. front OF SOMETHING
  • dua no si fie no anim | the tree stands in front of the house
  • tena m’anim | sit in front of me
  • fa akonnwa no kɔsi anim hɔ | take the chair and go place it at the front
  • titenani no te wɔn nyinaa anim | the chairperson sits in front of all of them

anim adverb

  1. forward
  • merekɔ m’anim tee | I’m going straight forward
  • kɔ w’anim | go forward

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