Bɔ Mmɔden vs. Sɔ Hwɛ

“Bɔ mmɔden” and “sɔ hwɛ” are both phrasal verbs that mean “to try”, but they aren’t the same, and you cannot use them interchangeably. If

English Translation of “kra”

ɔkra verb

  1. to notify intention to leave; to bid farewell
    • Kwame kra me da biara ansa wakɔ sukuu | Kwame notifies me every morning before he/she leaves for school
    • makra mo I I have bid you farewell

kra noun

plural: nkra

  1. a cat
    • me kra ayera | my cat is missing
    • mo kra no wɔ yɛn fie I your cat is in our house
    • hwan kra nie? I whose cat is this?

kra noun

plural: akra

  1. soul
    • me kra werɛ aho | my soul is sad
    • Awurade asɛm aka me kra I God’s word has touched my soul
    • deɛ ɔdɔ ne kra no, ɛbɛfiri ne nsa I anyone who loves his/her soul (life) will lose it

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