English Translation of “nwi”

nwi noun

RELATED ENTRIES: tiri nwi; amɔtoam nwi

  1. hair
  • nwi nni Akosua tiri ho | there isn’t hair on Akosua’s head
  • Kwame de apasoɔ twaa Ama nwi I Kwame cut Ama’s hair with a pair of scissors
  • Abibifoɔ nwi yɛ fɛ I Black people’s hair is beautiful

nwi noun

  1. fur
  • kraman no nwi yɛ fitaa | the dog’s fur is white
  • ɔkɔmfoɔ no se aberanteɛ no nkɔpɛ ɔkra tuntum nwi mmra I the priest says the young man should go and get the fur of a black cat and bring it over
  • Owusu de afe nunuu pɔnkɔ no nwi mu | Owusu combed through the horse’s fur with a comb

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