English Translation of “nyem”

nyem verb

  1. to impregnate; to get someone pregnant
  • yɛɛ no maa no waree abaayewa no a ɔnyemm no no | they forced him to marry the girl he impregnated
  • anhwɛ a mɛnyem wo pɛɛ | if care is not taken, I may surely end up impregnating you
  • hwan na ɔnyemm wo? | who impregnated you?
  1. to be pregnant stative
  • menyem | I am pregnant
  • mehuu sɛ menyem no, na matwam abosome mmiɛnsa | when I discovered I was pregnant, I was already more than three months in

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Bɔ Mmɔden vs. Sɔ Hwɛ

“Bɔ mmɔden” and “sɔ hwɛ” are both phrasal verbs that mean “to try”, but they aren’t the same, and you cannot use them interchangeably. If