English Translation of “adwensakyera”

adwensakyera noun

WORD BREAKDOWN: adwene (the mind) + sakyera (to change)

RELATED ENTRIES: adwene; sakyera

OTHER FORM: adwenesakyera

change of mind; change of character/behaviour

  • Owusu nyaa adwensakyera amonom hɔ ara | Owusu had a change of mind right there and then
  • nka merekɔbɔ n’asom, nanso menyaa adwensakyera | I was going to slap him/her, but I had a change of mind

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Bɔ Mmɔden vs. Sɔ Hwɛ

“Bɔ mmɔden” and “sɔ hwɛ” are both phrasal verbs that mean “to try”, but they aren’t the same, and you cannot use them interchangeably. If