English Translation of “kɔtɔ”

kɔtɔ noun

FULL FORM: ɔkɔtɔ

PLURAL: akɔtɔ

a crab

  • Afrifa de ne nsa hyɛɛ kɔtɔ bɔn mu | Afrifa inserted his hand into a crab’s burrow
  • kɔtɔ bɛtumi atena nsuom ne asase so nyinaa | a crab can live in both water and on land
  • tipaeɛ ba kwaeɛ mu a, kɔtɔ mfa ho | when there’s an outbreak of headache in the forest, the crab doesn’t care (an Akan proverb)

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Bɔ Mmɔden vs. Sɔ Hwɛ

“Bɔ mmɔden” and “sɔ hwɛ” are both phrasal verbs that mean “to try”, but they aren’t the same, and you cannot use them interchangeably. If